The Netherlands : Introduction

Understand the country, the people and the culture of the Netherlands !

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The Netherlands also called as Holland lies along the North Sea coast. The south of the Netherlands lies Belgium and east of Netherlands lies Germany. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces as below with their individual capital cities.

Noord Holland – HaarlemLimburg – MaastrichtGroningen – Groningen
Zuid Holland – Den HaagGelderland – ArnhemFriesland – Leeuwarden
Zeeland – MiddelburgOverijssel – ZwolleFlevoland – Lelystad
Noord Brabant – Den BoschDrente – AssenUtrecht – Utrecht
12 provinces with capital cities

Around 27% of the Netherlands is below the sea level. There are many dijks or dunes.
The most important cities are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

Kingdom : The kingdom of Netherlands consists of The Netherlands and 6 Islands in the Caribbean sea – Aruba, Bonnaire, Curacao, Saba, Sint Maarten and Sint Eustatius.

Population : The population is around 16 million and more.

Religion: Culture of Netherlands is diverse. There is a freedom of religion in the Netherlands. Anyone can believe what they want.Most of the population do not believe in religion at all.

Language : The spoken language on television, schools, newspaper, books etc is dutch. The second language is Frisian(Friesland) which is an influence of French and English language.

Season : You can have all 4 seasons here at Netherlands. Summers are not too warm as the sea influences the weather(17 to 30 degrees). Winters are usually very cold(-2 to 10 degrees)

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