Test for Tuberculosis

Have you been referred by IND(Immigration and Naturalization service) for a TB test? Here are the steps you need to take.

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Find out if you are exempted from IND for taking a tuberculosis test.
There is no need of TB test if you belong to one of the countries listed here.
If you need to take up the tuberculosis test, read below.

After arriving within Netherlands, you will have to undergo a TB test within 3 months after the resident permit is granted.

What are the next steps?
If you need to take up the tuberculosis test, fill the Registration form for TBC immigrants and expats.You will be notified of your appointment via post. Fill one form per person. Your appointment will be with GGD (Municipality Health Services). Note that GGD and Huisarts are not the same. It is always better to call local GGD to ask for the appointment. Search for the GGD of your region here.

When you have an appointment with GGD, bring :
– Passport or ID card
– BSN number
– Pre-filled Referral form TB test

During the appointment, GGD will fill rest of the Referral form(#2 of the form) and send it to IND.

Is there a cost of taking up Tests?
Yes, the prices are per Jan 1st, 2020.
– Tuberculin skin test(Mantoux) € 28,55
– Chest X-ray € 45,00
– IGRA (Immune Gamma Release Assay) € 42,68

Will the costs included in my insurance?
All the fees charged for children under 18 will be reimbursed by the health insurance company. For the Adults, GGD will charge the health insurance company but it may or may not be included in your insurance scheme. Please check with your health insurance company in advance.

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