Apply DigiD

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Why is DigiD important in the Netherlands?
With your DigiD you identify yourself when you arrange matters online, such as with the government, educational institutions, healthcare organizations or your pension fund.
DigiD is private just like your passport or driving license. Never share the details such as DigiD username, password or PIN to anyone.

How can you apply for a DigiD?
You can apply for the ID online via this link.

What documents do you need for the application?
You will not need any documents. You will just need your BSN number(Citizen service number) for the application.

Activate DigiD
Once you apply for the DigiD using the above link, you will receive a letter with an activation code within three working days. Activate your DigiD with the username, password and activation code here.
Activate the DigiD within 20 days otherwise you have reapply again.

Enable SMS verification
SMS verification is a 2-step verification while login to DigiD. It is always better to have the SMS verification enabled.You can enable the SMS verification here by using your mobile or landline number.

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