Register your newborn

Register the baby at Gemeente within three days !

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You are required to register the newborn at Gemeente or municipality within 3 days after the birth. The day child was born is not included in the three days. If third day falls on weekend or holiday, you can register the next working day.

I myself gave birth at Amstelveen Amstelland hospital, however I live in Amsterdam. So I had to register in Amstelveen since the baby is born in Amstelveen.

In Amstelveen you can register the birth during opening hours at city hall’s Civil Registry (Burgerlijke Stand) desk. In Amsterdam you have to make an appointment to register at a city office (stadsloket).

Who can register?
The child’s mother or father can register the birth. If father is absent, then someone who was present at the birth is required to register.

What to bring with you?
– The name of the child.
– The date and time of the birth. No documentation is required for this. Sometimes hospital give this as a letter too.
– A valid ID for the person registering the birth.
– A valid ID of the mother
– A marriage certificate (may or may not be needed)

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