You want to be a dutch citizen, find out how can do it.

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You want to be a dutch citizen then apply for naturalization process and get an approval from the King.

When can you apply for naturalization?
The following conditions should meet in order to apply for the naturalization process.
1. You have lived in Netherlands for continuous 5 years without a gap.
2. You have a valid resident permit.
3. You are integrated which means have civic integration diploma (level A2). See our blog here for more details on diploma.
4. You are ready to renounce your current nationality.

What are the documents needed?
1. Inburgering diploma
2. A valid Resident Permit
3. A valid Passport
4. Marriage Certificate(if doing it together as a family)
5. A birth certificate (if it is not already in the system of IND)
6. A proof for living together with dutch citizen for more than 3 years (if applicable)

How can you apply?
Call Gemeente and take an appointment for the naturalization process. Bring all the above documents with you at the time of appointment.

What are the costs?
Naturalization for 1 person costs Eur 901.
Naturalization together with a partner Eur 1150
Children under 18 together with a parent costs Eur 133

You can have a look at the prices here.

How long does it take for naturalization process?
Once you submit the application, IND will check if you meet all the conditions and make a decision. The IND has to make the decision within a period of 12 months.
If the decision is positive, you will receive a letter from IND with more information. Following that, you will also get an invitation from Gemeente to attend the naturalization ceremony.

What is naturalization ceremony?
During the ceremony, you have to take an oath to become a dutch citizen. You will not become a dutch citizen until you go to the ceremony and make the declaration of solidarity.
If you cannot attend the first ceremony, you will get an invitation for a next ceremony. You must attend the ceremony within 1 year following the decision. If you fail to do so, you will not receive Dutch nationality. After 1 year, you will need to submit a new application to become a Dutch citizen.
However during Covid-19 situation, Gemeente will send a letter at your home address to take an oath. You are required to fill the form, sign it and send it back to the Gemeente in order to take the oath.

When can I apply for the dutch passport?
Once you take the oath, you will receive a king’s declaration and then you can proceed for the application of dutch passport. Follow the blog on the steps for applying the dutch passport.

Apply for a Dutch Passport

Congratulations, you are now dutch national ! Go ahead with applying your NL passport !

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So you have been grated a dutch nationality. As soon as you receive the declaration, your current passport and any identification documents related to your country is not valid anymore. You need to apply for the dutch passport now. Here are the steps.

When can I apply for dutch passport?
When you receive the King’s Declaration that you are dutch national now, your previous passport is considered invalid. Then you need to apply for a dutch passport.

What is the cost of applying passport?
If you apply the passport within 5 working days after you receive the declaration, the charges for passport is Eur 73. If you apply after 5 working days, the costs for applying the passport is more.

What are the documents needed?
You will need to bring following documents with you :
– Declaration of becoming a dutch national
– A driving License or Resident Permit as an identification document
– A passport size photo (you can click this photo either in the studio or the photo from any photobooth at metro/train stations)

Where can you apply?
You can walk-in to the Gemeente nearby your area and apply for the passport with the documents. During covid-19 situation, you will need an appointment though. So call the Gemeente and book an appointment.

What will happen at the appointment?
The conversation may or may not be in dutch and it is not mandatory to speak dutch. If you are not understanding dutch, it will be translated to English. You will be asked :
– An identity such as driving license or Resident Permit (good to have both)
– if you have a partner, you will be required to choose if you want partner name as well in the passport. No extra document is needed for this. All the information is already with in the system.
– Your bio metric fingerprint will be taken.
– You height is checked. If you in advance, you can mention.
– The info will be added to the system and you will be asked to checked the info on paper if all the names/spelling/DOB are correct. If that is okay, you will be required to sign the document.

When can you collect the passport?
Your passport will be ready within 5 working days. You will be given an appointment to collect the passport on the same day of applying the passport.
Collect the passport from the Gemeente. Note that you will be required to submit the resident permit back to Gemeente during the collection of passport. This RP is old one and is not valid anymore.

Apply for a PR

So you wish to continue living permanently in the Netherlands, then you can apply for the permanent residence permit.

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What are the conditions to apply for the permanent Resident Permit?
1. You must have a valid resident permit at the time of application.
2. You have had uninterrupted 5 years stay in the Netherlands. You can check if there is gap from Gemeente.
3. You have a civic integration diploma(inburgering level A2).

What are the costs?
The cost of the application is Eur 174. However there is some exception as below :
– Children under 18 pay Eur 58.
– Turkish citizen pay Eur 58.
– Turkish children under 18 pay Eur 31.

How can you apply?
You can submit the application online using DigiD option. Please note that you must have a valid RP during the time of application. If your RP is getting expired within 3 months, then the application cannot be submitted. In that case, you can send the written application via link.
Online Application link : DigiD with SMS

What are the documents needed?
– Valid RP
– Passport
– Civic Integration Diploma
– Current employment contract
– Salary slips from last 3 months
– Declaration from employer if you are working
– Salary declaration certificate from the employer stating your income

Confirmation from IND?
Once you submit the application, IND will sends you a confirmation letter. The confirmation shows the date on which IND received your application. if there any missing documents or details, IND will send you a letter to correct the details or provide more documents. You have to send the requested documents before the date specified in the letter.

Biometric Appointment?
Once you get the confirmation letter from IND that your application has been received, you can then make an appointment online at the IND desk for the biometric information.

How long is the decision period?
The confirmation shows the date on which IND received your application and also states the period in which IND has to assess your application. This period is call decision period.
The IND has to make the decision within a period of 6 months. For the cities with less application, the decision is fast.

Collect your permanent resident permit?
The IND will send you a letter to inform you when you can collect the resident permit. For collection, you have to make an online appointment at IND desk stated in the letter.