Breastfeeding Tips

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Breastfeeding or nursing is the process of feeding breast milk to her infant. For some breastfeeding is really easy while for others it is quite difficult and does not work well. From the moment your baby is born, there are a number of things you can do to improve your chances for breastfeeding success. Every mother can use a tip every now and then.

  1. Breastfeeding is an exercise, practice it.
    Breastfeeding is natural of course but it is actually an exercise which you and baby both need to practice and master. No pressure, take your time. Take all the help you can get from others so that you can focus on being with the baby most of the time and feeding your baby. The time with your baby is the only task for you.
  2. Posture of Breastfeeding : Know the good postures.

It is important to understand the positions of feeding. You never know which one suits you or your baby. Do your homework or research and read about the different feeding positions.

3. A good feeding cushion
It is optional to have a feeding cushion but to your comfort, it is quite helpful so that you can sit comfortably in the right position.

4. Feeding in public. Just do it.
Do not be afraid of feeding your baby in the public. It is kind of uncomfortable first but soon you will get used to it. If you are too shy or baby gets distracted in the public, cover with a hydrophilic cloth or any other cloth.

5. Do not look at the clock too much.
Kraamzorg suggest to feed the baby every 3 hours but baby gets hungry faster and most of the time already giving clues when sleeping. Feed them on demand is also a good method to follow or feed them when you think they are hungry.

Do you run into problems while practicing the breastfeeding. There can be different problems which can be faced during the breastfeeding exercise. These can be :

  1. Baby is not latching properly?
    Do not give up easily. It is a hard job which requires a lot of hard work. If the baby is not latching, what can you do? Of course there is a lot to do and check.
    – You can check the baby with your pediatrician on the lip or tongue ties. Take advice from pediatrician.
    – Check if baby is opening a big mouth for taking in the nipple, if not, try to use nipple shields. Medela nipple shields is one of the brand you can try on.
    Skin to Skin is important for building the bond. Get naked with the baby and give your baby a warm feeling that helps to start breastfeeding.

2. You are not producing enough milk?
Many moms worry a lot as they have a poor milk supply. Once your breast milk has come in, your breasts start to make milk through a process of ‘supply and demand’. Each time milk is removed, either by your baby feeding or by expressing, your breasts make more. Giving bottles or formula milk to the baby leads to low supply of breastmilk. In such cases follow :
Skin-to-skin contact with your baby before and during feeds stimulate the hormone oxytocin, which gets your milk flowing. Do it regularly.
Relaxation technique. It is important that you remain relaxed in such situation. Feel stressful and nervous leads to let down on the flow of the breastmilk. Listen to your favorite calming music.
Try SNS Method. Supplement nursing system helps baby to feed the formula milk or extra milk while feeding at breast. This helps in encouraging the breastfeeding.
Express milk using pumping. The more you pump and extract the milk, the better will be the supply. Remember supply and demand method.

3. Still having issues?
Call a lactation consultant. Ask your kraamzorg to help you in being in contact with the certified lactation expert. They usually come to your home. Some of the LC fees can be reimbursed from the health provider however for some, you have to pay by yourself. Check this in advance.
Follow breastfeeding forums. La Leche League is one of the popular forum on facebook or you can call them free of cost on their website or chat with them.
Take up online breastfeeding courses. Midwives usually arranges the breastfeeding courses. You can ask for a course from them during your pregnancy journey to be well prepared for the breastfeeding. or ask the lactation expert for online courses list.
Follow Youtube videos. Follow the videos and practice a lot together with your baby.

Last but not the least: involve your partner in everything. From preparing a glass of water and eating something while you feed, to handle the baby or keep out of the door of visit. In short, surround yourself with people who have faith in you and your breasts. Because if you are relaxed and well cared for, you have the peace to do that miracle work.

Buying a Kitchen for your new home?

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“My dream kitchen suits the style of my home, and also my own personal tastes as well.”

Choosing a kitchen – be it second hand or the new one and building it from scratch as per your dream is an enormous task. You will definitely love the entire the entire process of choosing all the details for your dream kitchen but when it finally comes to the expenses, it is out of your budget.

It is very important to understand different aspects of kitchen while choosing the details. Here are some great tips from us which you can utilize while deciding your dream kitchen.

  1. Measure your kitchen space
    It is very important that you know all the dimensions of your kitchen. Measure and make a floor plan of the kitchen. Double check the measurements with your advisor too. Also make sure that once you finalize the kitchen or agreed to purchase, a professional will visit your home to take the final measurements of the space before placing the order.
    Tip : Do not sign any offer unless the final measurements are done by the professional. Once you sign any papers, you are obliged to take up the kitchen you signed even if it fits or not.
  2. Do your research
    Visit a lot of showrooms to have a look at the kitchens. Think about cabinet styles, appliances, countertops, colors, overall style such as Island or U-Shape or T-shape or L-shapes kitchen. Cabinet doors with handles or without handles. Drawers or normal cabinets etc.
    Tip 1 : Drawers are convenient but very expensive. So choose wisely. Maximum expenses are related to the drawers.
    Tip 2 : Choosing 3 or 4 appliances from same company will add a huge discount on the offer. Appliances include Gas stove or induction stove, Microwave, oven or combi Oven, Refrigerator, Coffee maker, Dishwasher, Chimney outside or inside gas stove, wine fridge etc.
  3. Choose a kitchen supplier
    This is a most difficult task of choosing a right supplier. On what basis should you make this decision? Here are some points :
    – Check the quality of the kitchen with the supplier. Some have low quality cabinets supported with plastic hinges while others have the cabinets supported with steel hinges.
    – Support/Guarantee for the kitchen : find out for how many years the supplier is providing the guarantee for the kitchen.
    – Handling of complaints : How is the supplier handling the complaints once the kitchen is installed. Is it a slow support system or fast enough to understand and fix the things.
    – Review : Do not forget to have a look at the reviews of the kitchen suppliers. Ask your friends as well as on social media for the reviews of the certain suppliers.
    Tip : Some of the suppliers which comes in quick budget but with low quality kitchens are superkeukens, keukensale, keuken kampioen, keuken concurrent etc. Here you get good kitchens which fits into your budget but you also need to adjust with the quality. Also the support on the complaints is not too good. So choose wisely.
  4. Bargain on the offer
    Yes, do not think twice on the bargaining. A very important aspect before signing the contract is the bargaining on top of the offer. All kitchen suppliers in Netherlands does accept the bargain on the offer. You can go from 20% until 40% bargain on the offer. All depends upon your negotiation skills. There is a huge margin in the kitchen offers.
  5. Read the offer thrice before signing
    Do not sign any offer with the supplier unless you are sure of it. Always go through the offer again and again together with the supplier and read through the minor details of what you have chosen. Often the suppliers forget to add what yu have asked for or try to add more or different colors of minor detailing. Therefore do not be afraid of going through the offer as many times as you want.