Buying a Kitchen for your new home?

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“My dream kitchen suits the style of my home, and also my own personal tastes as well.”

Choosing a kitchen – be it second hand or the new one and building it from scratch as per your dream is an enormous task. You will definitely love the entire the entire process of choosing all the details for your dream kitchen but when it finally comes to the expenses, it is out of your budget.

It is very important to understand different aspects of kitchen while choosing the details. Here are some great tips from us which you can utilize while deciding your dream kitchen.

  1. Measure your kitchen space
    It is very important that you know all the dimensions of your kitchen. Measure and make a floor plan of the kitchen. Double check the measurements with your advisor too. Also make sure that once you finalize the kitchen or agreed to purchase, a professional will visit your home to take the final measurements of the space before placing the order.
    Tip : Do not sign any offer unless the final measurements are done by the professional. Once you sign any papers, you are obliged to take up the kitchen you signed even if it fits or not.
  2. Do your research
    Visit a lot of showrooms to have a look at the kitchens. Think about cabinet styles, appliances, countertops, colors, overall style such as Island or U-Shape or T-shape or L-shapes kitchen. Cabinet doors with handles or without handles. Drawers or normal cabinets etc.
    Tip 1 : Drawers are convenient but very expensive. So choose wisely. Maximum expenses are related to the drawers.
    Tip 2 : Choosing 3 or 4 appliances from same company will add a huge discount on the offer. Appliances include Gas stove or induction stove, Microwave, oven or combi Oven, Refrigerator, Coffee maker, Dishwasher, Chimney outside or inside gas stove, wine fridge etc.
  3. Choose a kitchen supplier
    This is a most difficult task of choosing a right supplier. On what basis should you make this decision? Here are some points :
    – Check the quality of the kitchen with the supplier. Some have low quality cabinets supported with plastic hinges while others have the cabinets supported with steel hinges.
    – Support/Guarantee for the kitchen : find out for how many years the supplier is providing the guarantee for the kitchen.
    – Handling of complaints : How is the supplier handling the complaints once the kitchen is installed. Is it a slow support system or fast enough to understand and fix the things.
    – Review : Do not forget to have a look at the reviews of the kitchen suppliers. Ask your friends as well as on social media for the reviews of the certain suppliers.
    Tip : Some of the suppliers which comes in quick budget but with low quality kitchens are superkeukens, keukensale, keuken kampioen, keuken concurrent etc. Here you get good kitchens which fits into your budget but you also need to adjust with the quality. Also the support on the complaints is not too good. So choose wisely.
  4. Bargain on the offer
    Yes, do not think twice on the bargaining. A very important aspect before signing the contract is the bargaining on top of the offer. All kitchen suppliers in Netherlands does accept the bargain on the offer. You can go from 20% until 40% bargain on the offer. All depends upon your negotiation skills. There is a huge margin in the kitchen offers.
  5. Read the offer thrice before signing
    Do not sign any offer with the supplier unless you are sure of it. Always go through the offer again and again together with the supplier and read through the minor details of what you have chosen. Often the suppliers forget to add what yu have asked for or try to add more or different colors of minor detailing. Therefore do not be afraid of going through the offer as many times as you want.

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