Integration to the Netherlands ! Want to integrate in the dutch society, then understand the dutch culture better. Learn their language !

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What is Integration? People who are moving to the Netherlands for a linger period of time or permanently must be able to participation in Dutch society. Dutch Government believes it is important for them to integrate. One of the aspect is the learning of dutch language.

Lets learn more about it in the subtopics.

Inburgering : Intro

It is difficult word ! What does Inburgering means and how does it help me? Looking forward for the answers? Dutch government promotes the civic integration for the people who wants to live for a longer duration or permanently within Netherlands.You must learn the dutch language and take up the Inburgering level A2 exams, if … Continue reading “Inburgering : Intro”

Apply for a PR

So you wish to continue living permanently in the Netherlands, then you can apply for the permanent residence permit. What are the conditions to apply for the permanent Resident Permit?1. You must have a valid resident permit at the time of application.2. You have had uninterrupted 5 years stay in the Netherlands. You can check … Continue reading “Apply for a PR”


You want to be a dutch citizen, find out how can do it. You want to be a dutch citizen then apply for naturalization process and get an approval from the King. When can you apply for naturalization?The following conditions should meet in order to apply for the naturalization process.1. You have lived in Netherlands … Continue reading “Naturalization”

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