Test for Tuberculosis

Have you been referred by IND(Immigration and Naturalization service) for a TB test? Here are the steps you need to take.

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Find out if you are exempted from IND for taking a tuberculosis test.
There is no need of TB test if you belong to one of the countries listed here.
If you need to take up the tuberculosis test, read below.

After arriving within Netherlands, you will have to undergo a TB test within 3 months after the resident permit is granted.

What are the next steps?
If you need to take up the tuberculosis test, fill the Registration form for TBC immigrants and expats.You will be notified of your appointment via post. Fill one form per person. Your appointment will be with GGD (Municipality Health Services). Note that GGD and Huisarts are not the same. It is always better to call local GGD to ask for the appointment. Search for the GGD of your region here.

When you have an appointment with GGD, bring :
– Passport or ID card
– BSN number
– Pre-filled Referral form TB test

During the appointment, GGD will fill rest of the Referral form(#2 of the form) and send it to IND.

Is there a cost of taking up Tests?
Yes, the prices are per Jan 1st, 2020.
– Tuberculin skin test(Mantoux) € 28,55
– Chest X-ray € 45,00
– IGRA (Immune Gamma Release Assay) € 42,68

Will the costs included in my insurance?
All the fees charged for children under 18 will be reimbursed by the health insurance company. For the Adults, GGD will charge the health insurance company but it may or may not be included in your insurance scheme. Please check with your health insurance company in advance.

Apply for Driving License

Planning to buy or rent a car but do not have a driving license? Here is our guide on how to apply for license.

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Exchange Foreign Driving License
Do you know that you can exchange the driving license of your country for a dutch driving license. Yes this is true !

How can you apply for the exchange?
Walk-in at the city office(Gemeente) in person to apply for the exchange of license.(During Covid-19 situation, walk-in is closed so call the Gemeente and take an appointment) and bring all the documents with you.

What documents will you need for an exchange?
You will need :
– A foreign driving license(Make sure your name and address on driving license matches your proof of identification and the photo is clear enough to identify you)
– An identification proof (preferably passport)
– A Passport photo that meets official requirements(You can click this photo in any random photo booth available at train stations)
– A copy of 30% ruling document(You can get this document from your employer or if you are working here in Netherlands, you can also request from belastingdienst/Tax authority). If you do not have a 30% ruling document, you cannot exchange the foreign driving license.
Tip : Your dependent can also apply for an exchange on your 30% ruling document.
– If the text on your driving license in not in English, then bring an official translation.
– A certificate of fitness (Gezondheidsverklaring). You can purchase the Certificate of Fitness at a City Office. You can also purchase the certificate online via CBR using DigiD ID. The cost of certificate is € 37,80. Fill the form and send it to CBR online or via post for the certificate. You must take an appointment with the doctor if you are 75 years and above. Otherwise it is not needed.

How much does it costs?
– The certificate of fitness costs € 37,80.
– Exchange of driving license costs another €40.65+.

How long does it take?
If your application is approved, you will receive a notice from the RDW to come collect your document within 2 to 4 weeks. You can then collect the dutch driving license from City Office(Gemeente) in person within 3 months. This is the same place where you submitted the application.

What happens to the foreign license?
The original license or foreign license will be sent to the embassy of your country. You need to separately collect the license from there.

Apply a new dutch driving license (If not eligible for exchange)
If you are not eligible for exchange, then you need to take up a theory and practical exam before applying for a driving license. You can find details on CBR.nl
Theory exam must be passed before applying for practical exam. Theory exam will show that you recognize danger, well aware of traffic rules and traffic insights.Apply for theory exam here.
Practical exam where you will be assessed by an examiner riding next to you in a car. Most people cannot pass this exam in one go. So be well prepared.

Registration to Gemeente

Gemeente? Wondering if that is the a new word which you do not know !

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Ah, wondering what is Khe-meen-te? Do not worry about pronunciation. Gemeente is the dutch word for municipality or townhall. If you are relocating from abroad to Netherlands, you must register to the townhall as a resident. This is mandatory to get the BSN number(Burger Service Nummer). BSN is required for all the communications with the city and national government.

First time registration in the Netherlands?
You must contact Gemeente within 5 days of arrival to schedule an appointment. For appointment, call the city’s gemeente office. The appointment will be taken place at city office. You must have a residential address where you can register.

Registering Children?
Children who are 16 years or older can register themselves while the Children below 16 years of age needs to be accompanied by parent or guardian.

What are the documents needed?
You need following documents for registration :

– A valid proof of identity (Preferably a passport)
– Original and notarized copy of birth certificate(It was needed until year 2019 but a few townhall still ask for this document. Check with Gemeente when booking an appointment)
– A document showing you have the right to live at your address. This could be either a rental contract, or buying agreement if you bought the house, a letter of permission from the house owner with a copy of their ID or an official letter from a housing corporation.

Have you been to Netherlands before? Are you registering again?
You must contact Gemeente within 5 days of arriving Netherlands. You will need following documents :
– A valid proof of identity (Preferably a passport)
– A document showing you have the right to live at your address. This could be either a rental contract, or buying agreement if you bought the house, a letter of permission from the house owner with a copy of their ID or an official letter from a housing corporation.
– Certificate to prove your marital status if that is changed or you have children.

The Netherlands : Introduction

Understand the country, the people and the culture of the Netherlands !

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The Netherlands also called as Holland lies along the North Sea coast. The south of the Netherlands lies Belgium and east of Netherlands lies Germany. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces as below with their individual capital cities.

Noord Holland – HaarlemLimburg – MaastrichtGroningen – Groningen
Zuid Holland – Den HaagGelderland – ArnhemFriesland – Leeuwarden
Zeeland – MiddelburgOverijssel – ZwolleFlevoland – Lelystad
Noord Brabant – Den BoschDrente – AssenUtrecht – Utrecht
12 provinces with capital cities

Around 27% of the Netherlands is below the sea level. There are many dijks or dunes.
The most important cities are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

Kingdom : The kingdom of Netherlands consists of The Netherlands and 6 Islands in the Caribbean sea – Aruba, Bonnaire, Curacao, Saba, Sint Maarten and Sint Eustatius.

Population : The population is around 16 million and more.

Religion: Culture of Netherlands is diverse. There is a freedom of religion in the Netherlands. Anyone can believe what they want.Most of the population do not believe in religion at all.

Language : The spoken language on television, schools, newspaper, books etc is dutch. The second language is Frisian(Friesland) which is an influence of French and English language.

Season : You can have all 4 seasons here at Netherlands. Summers are not too warm as the sea influences the weather(17 to 30 degrees). Winters are usually very cold(-2 to 10 degrees)

Looking for a place to Live?

Looking for a house/flat/apartment? Rental or to buy? Here is our perfect guide.

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Where and how to find a house to live is always tiring for everyone. We will provide you an insight with the housing market within the Netherlands. It will make your efforts a bit easy with all the upcoming information you already have.

In Dutch, the frequently used terms are “Te huur” which means “To Rent” and “Te Koop” which means “To buy”. Do not overthink right now as we will take you a bit deeper into both the categories and also tips on how to search the dream house you are willing to rent or buy.

Rental Apartments/House(Te Huur)
There are three types of apartments/houses to rent. Fully furnished, Semi or non furnished and Shell. Shell means the house/apartment does not have the floor or paint on the walls, kitchen appliances etc. Everything needs to be setup by the owner on his own expense.

You can search for Rental apartment/houses via the following popular websites :

If you are a student, you can also go for student hostels or share a room.

Apart from this, you can search the apartments from following facebook groups :

Amsterdam rent a room, partment or studio
Rent in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Housing Apartment
Student Housing Amsterdam
Facebook Marketplace

There are more facebook groups for popular cities.

Tip :
1) All the requests via above websites goes to real estate agents and they can only charge if you finalize the house/apartment. Agent fees can be upto Eur 250.
2) It is better to go for unfurnished apartment/house if you are here for a long term. You can buy all the required stuff second hand from facebook groups with a spending of no more than Eur 1000 and therefore save the extra money paying every month for the furnished apartment.
3) Always check if the rent is including utilities (gas, water, electricity) or without.
4) Carefully read your contract, Check for the notice period when leaving the house. In the contract it should not be more than one month. Also check if there is a minimum duration you need to rent the house.

Apartment/Houses to buy (Te Koop)
You can either buy the one which are already listed on websites or via real estate agents. You can also go for a nieuwbouw apartments/houses which are newly built and the possession will be somewhere two years down the line.
You can have a look at the available houses to buy at the Funda.nl

Hiring an agent in this case is best as per my experience.

Where can I find an overview of nieuwbouw in my city?
You can have a look at housing section in gemeente website.
Specifically for Amsterdam, you can subscribe Amsterdamwoont.nl for nieuwbouw apartment list or you can have also send an email to Zelfbouw@amsterdam.nl if you want to buy a land and build the house on your own.

Popular Cities
The popular cities for renting or buying the apartment or house are Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Utrecht, Almere, Rotterdam, The Hague, Uithoorn and Haarlem. The public transport(Metro, Bus, Tram, Train) from all these cities is always great. You will reach most of the places within 15 to 45 min depending upon where you stay.
These are the most popular cities therefore expensive too. You can expect Eur1500 to Eur 2000 for a 2BHK rental property.

Almere & Uithoorn are quite cheaper in comparison to the rest of the cities.