The day of giving birth

Every child birth is different, every woman experiences it in her own way ! Trust yourself and your body, YOU CAN DO IT !!

Contractions have begun and the labor has started. Most of the time contractions starts with an irregular, short manner and not so painful at first. To see if your contraction are really started, midwife will check the contractions and feel the cervix with an internal exam. This gives her a good impression of the stage of your labor. Soon after, membranes starts breaking and amniotic fluid breaks as little warm water followed by more contractions. Midwife will be there to guide you on every step and help you with the process. When the cervix reaches 10 cm, after which you start pressing.
In the whole process, woman bears a lot of pain. There are some painkillers available so that you feel less pain. The pain medicines are not available in all the hospitals, so discuss this with your midwife in advance and then decide the hospital.

Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide)
You will be taking control and give yourself a laughing gas via mouth or nose mask every one minute. Midwife keeps an eye on you. Once you stop inhaling, laughing gas is quickly disappeared from your body. However you may feel sleep, dizzy or sick and you cannot use it during pressing.

Epidural is an injection that will be given in your lower back. The injection will be given under local anesthetic. You cannot walk or feel difficulties during pressing or urinating because of the anesthetic.

Injection of Pethidine
Pethidine is given as an injection into your buttock or thigh.It is similar to morphine. It works with in half an hour and works for 2-4 hours.You can get sleepy with this injection. Sometimes babies can also become drowsy from pethidine. Baby also find it difficult to breatfeed and suck due to drowsiness.

Pump with Remifentanil
Remifentanil is similar to morphine which is infused through a pump. You will take the control to push the button. The pump is adjusted so that you can never give yourself too much. Remifentanil can affect your breathing and the amount of oxygen in the blood. You and your child are monitored closely when using this medicine.

So choose you medicine at the right time and discuss with your midwife on the side effects.
You can also read more on the advantages or disadvantages of each of the medicine here.

Good luck with your delivery !