Inburgering : A2 Exam Structure

Het Inburgeren !! Looking out for what does the inburgeren exam comprises of ? Here are the details and my experience of the exams.

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Which exams you need to take up as a part of level A2?
Following exams comprises of inburgering exams :
1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Listening
4. Speaking
5. Knowledge of dutch society (KNM)
6. Orientation on dutch labour market (ONA)

You will read text and answer questions. The will be 25 questions and the duration of exam is 65 min. Attempting 16-18 questions right gives you a chance to pass the exam.

You do the exam with a pen and paper. 4 assignments will be provided. This involves writing a short letter/email, filling out a form, fill in the blanks(4-6 questions), describe a picture etc. The exam is for 40 min. 75% right questions are good to pass the exam.

There will be short audio files and answer the questions on them with around 25 questions. The duration of exam is 45 min. If you have 16-20 questions correct, you have pretty good to clear the exam. if more than 20 questions are right, you definitely pass the exam.

The duration of the exam is 35 min. There are two parts of the exam :
– 12 questions where you need to hear the recording for questions and record your answer by speaking. Each question 12 points. Total of 144 points. You will need 82 to 84 points to clear this part.
– Another 12 questions where you need not have to speak. These are the multiple choice questions. if you are having 9 questions right, you can clear this part as well.
Keep in mind, for clearing this exam, you will need to pass both the parts of the exam.

Since there are many people in the room taking the exam, there will be a lot of noise, be loud enough to speak and record. You can record your answer as many times as you want but also keep in mind the duration of the exam.

Knowledge of dutch society – KNM
Short films will be there in the exam such as shopping or going to the doctor. After each film, you need to answer some questions. The exam lasts 45 min. There can be 39-43 questions in the exam. If you make 26 questions right, you stand out a chance to clear the exam.
Believe me, 45 min is not at all enough for this exam. It is better to go through the revision of answers at the end of the exam if time permits.

Orientation on dutch labour market – ONA
ONA is about working and looking for work. You need to pre-fill a portfolio form which is similar to a resume and send it to DUO for the review. If the review is a success, the appointment will be provided otherwise it will be sent back to you for more questions or corrections.
In the appointment, you will have to speak and discuss your portfolio with 2 examiners. One is asking questions and discussing with you while the other one just examining the answers by sitting aside. The appointment will be recorded. It is more of the speaking exam. Grammar does not matter for this exam. You will be assessed on the ability to make simple sentences. The examiner will help you enough(or more than enough sometimes) to clear the exam. Do not be afraid of this exam.
You can also get exemption for this exam. I will publish a separate blog on how to get this exemption.

What you need to bring for the exams?
Bring a valid ID proof. You can also bring the letter for the exam which you received from DUO but this is optional. Pen, Paper, headphone etc will be provided to you at the exam spot.

Inburgering : Intro

It is difficult word ! What does Inburgering means and how does it help me? Looking forward for the answers?

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Dutch government promotes the civic integration for the people who wants to live for a longer duration or permanently within Netherlands.You must learn the dutch language and take up the Inburgering level A2 exams, if you want to apply for Permanent Residency or a Dutch nationality. If you pass this exam, then you are officially integrated.

Why is civic integration required?
You must be able to :
1. Find a work for yourself
2. know how to make a hospital appointment (Dutch Healthcare system)
3. know what type of schools are in Netherlands (Dutch Education)
For all these, the basic dutch is required to communicate with each other.

Mandatory Integration
If the integration is mandatory for you, DUO(Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs/Ministry of education, culture and Science) will send a letter to you telling the date on which you have to start the integration. From this date, you have 3 years to integrate.

Voluntary Integration
However you can also integrate on voluntary basis which means you yourself want to integrate. One reason to do this is the Permanent Residency or Dutch Citizenship.

How to learn?
You can learn for the exam all by yourself or you can also do a course at a school. DUO does not have the text books to refer or provide. However DUO only provides the practice exams. Read the content of the exam here.