First week after the birth

The first week after the baby is born is going to be very busy, emotional and tiring. You need to adjust yourself to the new situation !

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Congratulations !! Your baby is born !
You must be very busy with adjusting to the new situation and overwhelmed with the feelings. Here is the list of things you need to do in the first week after the baby is born :

1. Kraamzorg
Inform Kraamzorg from the hospital itself as soon as your baby is born. If baby is born in the night, inform them in the next morning. Kraamzorg nurse will be there for you for the first week after the birth. However it can be extended for another 2 days if you request your midwife. All the report made by kraamzorg is shared with your midwife.

2. Midwife visits
Your midwife will come to your home often to visit you to check on your health and your baby health. Also to check on your experience with the delivery. Midwife will give you a call before coming.

3. Lactation consultant
If you are experiencing problems with the breastfeeding and kraamzorg is unable to help, you can also opt for a lactation consultant. The consultancy is not included in the basic insurance. You can get more information from kraamzorg nurse on this.

4. Register at Gemeente/Municipality
You must register the birth at the municipality with in three days. You will then get a birth certificate from Gemeente at a cost of Eur 13. You can have a look at here on the steps on how to do.

5. Receive the BSN number of your child
Once you register the birth at municipality, you will get a BSN number within few days at your home via post.

6. Add your child to the Insurance
As soon as you have the birth certificate, you should add your child to your insurance. There is no extra fee for the insurance.

7. Heel Prick and Hearing test
Heel prick and hearing test will be done by an employee of GGD. Someone will come to your house without appointment or call within 4 to 6 days after the birth. You need not have to contact anyone for this. More information on the tests can be found here.