Inburgering : How to prepare

Everyone would like to know how should I prepare for inburgering exams !

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Speaking from my experience. I had attempted all 5 exams with in the same week. A few tips and learning according to me.

Learn a few basic words everyday and then a few basic sentences that are used in everyday life. The letters from banks, appointment letters, and other brief that you receive are usually in dutch, try not to translate them. Give it a try to read. You may not be able to understand the meaning of each and every work but slowly you will start understanding the sentences by relating a few words. Believe me, understanding the sentence instead of each and every word is more than enough.

The best way to prepare for readings is to start reading newspaper. The letters you receive at home. Usual contracts. Pay attention to all of these and try to understand with basic words. Do not forget to try DUO practice tests.
For me, Reading was the most easiest to do. It is just like a paragraph reading in English which we used to do in schools. Be smart, during the exam, do not focus on reading the paragraph but focus on question and then finding the answer in the paragraph.

You will be usually asked two parts in the same question. For example :
Question : Wat voor fruit eet u graag? Vertel ook hoe vaak u fruit eet?
Translation : What kind of fruit do you like to eat? Also tell how often you eat fruit.

Always think like a child. Noone is looking for the real answer. Do not start thinking “which fruit do I really like?” and do not relate the answer to your real life. Answer should be as simple as possible. Also the answer must be derived from question itself which means most of the words to be used in your answer are from your questions.

Answer : Ik eet graag banaan en ik eet elkedag.
Translation : I like to eat banana and I eat everyday.

keep in mind, there are extra marks if you join the two sentences with and, or, if, because, however etc. Try more :

Question : Hoe vaak gebruikt u uw telefoon? Vertel ook waarvoor u uw telefoon gebruikt?
Translation : How often do you use your telephone? Also tell what for you use your telephone?

Answer : Ik gebruik mijn telefoon elkedag en ik gebruik het voor werk.
Translation : I use my telephone everyday and I use it for work.
(do not start thinking how many times you are really using your telephone in a day. Also do not think whether you use it for calls, gaming, reading etc)

Apart from this, go through the videos of Ad Appel on Youtube for more scenarios like this.

As per my experience, the DUO practice questions are enough for practicing listening.

The pattern of writing has been changed a little bit starting 2019. Also keep in mind, the key to writing your answer is the question itself. You can write the complete letter/email from question itself by using a few words. The salutation/concluding section such as dear …. or Yours sincerely etc, has special marks so do not forget to write it better. I would say mug up the start/end sections.
Filling the form is quite simple and fill in the blanks too. Keep in mind, think as simple as you can. Do not complicate your answer. And there are special marks for using – and, because, if, or, however etc. There are many free examples on Google.

KNM (Knowledge of dutch society)
Honestly I really mugged up the book “Netherlands in gang” but it did not help much. Atleast 50% of questions will be on the basis of your common sense and the rest 50% are related to festivals, important dates, etc from Netherlands in gang book.

ONA (Orientation Exam)
Fortunately I was having the appointment for ONA discussion towards the end of the day at 05:30 PM. It was almost time to leave for the day so everyone was so eager to wrap up the discussion as fast as they can. Lucky me !!
The discussion can go upto 40 min but for me it was for 15-20 min. Examiners were very helpful and if you are not understanding any questions, examiner will do their best to ask the question in a different way – as simple as possible. And they will take you through the portfolio by keeping a finger on the question. So you already know which question is being asked.

Last but not the Least
Practice, practice and practice !
Check the DUO practice question here for sure. And good luck for your exams !