Newborn Resident Permit

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Do you want to apply the resident permit for the newborn? Here is the step by step guide on how to do it.

When can you apply for Resident Permit?
If you meet below conditions, then IND cannot deny for providing the Resident permit even if the child does not have a passport.
– When your child is born in Netherlands and does not have a resident permit.
– Your child is part of your family.
– From your child’s birth, you and your child have main residence in the Netherlands.
– From your child’s birth, you have a valid resident permit or you are a dutch citizen after your child is born.
– You declare that you are taking the sponsorship of the child.

How to apply?
You can apply for the resident permit online. For online application, you will need :
– a DigiD with SMS code. You can see here on how to apply the DigiD id.
– Ideal or Internet banking to pay for your application

You can apply for online here at IND website..

How much does it costs?
The costs of the application is Eur 58.

What are the documents needed for application?
You will only need a BSN number for the application.

Collect Resident Permit
Within few weeks, you will receive a letter from IND that resident permit is ready to collect. You will then need to take up an appointment with the IND to collect the resident permit. During the appointment, you will need a passport of your child as an identification proof.