Buying a Bicycle in Netherlands

Woohoo… So you are planning to buy a Bicycle. Indeed, it is one of the most popular and convenient modes of transport in Netherlands. If you are a first time buyer you may have lots of questions. So here I am sharing my own experience and quest while looking for a good and reasonable bicycle in working condition.


Here are few pointers to consider while buying a Bicycle:

1. Cost
As this was going to be my first cycle, i wanted to start with an economical budget. After finalizing my budget, i started my research to look up for a suitable buy.

2. New vs Second Hand
You can buy a new cycle starting as low as 200 euro. Apart from brand new cycles, In Netherlands you can easily get a second hand bike in reasonably good condition which would cost you somewhere around 50 – 200 euros depending upon condition and usage. TIP: If you are getting a cycle way too cheap, be careful, chances are either you may be dealing with a stolen bike which is pretty common in Netherlands or bike may need a repair which is quite expensive( Repair starts ~50 euros).

3. Type of Bikes
There are many options available here. Bikes with Hand Brakes, Pedal Brakes, Gears,Terrain bikes, Mountain bikes, Electric bikes, Male, female, children, grandma bikes etc and so does vary their size, specification and usage.

4. Buying Options
You can look up for a bike in one of the following places:

  • Facebook Groups– There are many Facebook groups like “Bike-SecondHand Bikes,used Bicycles” which offer second hand bikes to sell.
  • Marktplaats– This is another place you can look up for a second hand bike. You can check in stolen bicycle registry maintained by Dutch police to verify bike is not stolen. Website:
  • Bicycle Stores– They offer a wide range of all types of cycles. Some stores give warranty on the purchase.They do a cycle checkup usually before giving away the cycle.Some of them do sell second hand cycles as well. Keep the receipt safe and note down Frame number.
  • Online Store– There are many online store selling new bikes at a good price. You can compare and find good bike as per your requirement.
  • Local Market– In Amsterdam there is a local market named Waterlooplein market from Monday to Saturday which you can visit as well for second hand bikes. Website:

5. Add on cost
After finalizing your bicycle, you can customize it with front rack or basket as per your requirement, Choose proper front and rare lights, buy a puncture kit. As cycle thefts are quite common in Holland it is wise to invest in a good cycle lock.

6. Legal Requirements and Tips
Cyclist also have to abide by the law in Holland. Though riding a cycle is pretty safe as they have a separate lane but every Bicycle need to have a compulsory cycle bell and Working Front and rear lights and reflectors. Which is absolute must otherwise you have to pay fine. No cycling on pedestrian area or foot paths is allowed. Indicate with your hand if you want to turn right or left.

7. Traffic Rules and Regulations
A quick go through traffic rules are always advisable for yours and others safety.

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