APK test

APK is also known as periodic technical inspection. This is a mandatory inspection in Europe to promote road safety and protect the environment.

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RDW will send you a reminder by post, 6 weeks before the expiry of the current APK. As a owner of the vehicle, you are responsible for having your vehicle inspected on time.

How to go for an APK?
If your vehicle requires an APK, book an appointment with the RDW approved company. The cost of inspection vary per company. You will receive an inspection report even in case of rejection.

How often should a APK be performed?
First time inspection? If your vehicle has not gone through inspections before, you can check the schedule here on how often there should be an APK.

Not a first time? If your vehicle has undergone an APK before, you can check the expiry here. The vehicle must be inspected prior to this date.

Change of fuel? If the fuel of your vehicle changes, your vehicle may need to be inspected more or less based on that.

Inspection Report
You will receive an inspection report on approval as well as on rejection. On the inspection report, it is stated if you need any repairs, rejected reasons and points of advice.
Points of advice are the defects that do not lead to a rejection, but which will require replacement or repair soon.
Always make sure you receive the inspection report. You will need this if you wish to appeal against the result of the inspection. Sometimes you also need it when driving the vehicle abroad.

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