Car Parking Permit

Do you live in or moving the an area where parking is paid. Then you will need a parking permit.

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Check availability of parking permit in your area
Check your permit area by filling street name and house number in the permit tool.
Also check the waiting list.

Rules for getting a parking permit
– You are registered at the address where you need the permit.
– The vehicle is registered in your name.
– For diesel cars, vehicle first registration must be after 2004.
– For cars running on fuels, vehicles first registration must be after July 1992.
– You cannot already have an available parking space.
– Parking permits are never available for new build projects.

Number of permits
In some areas, you can apply for maximum of two permits per address otherwise it is max one permit per address.

Where can you park
You can part anywhere within your permit area.

What do you need to apply for a permit
– DigiD for online application
– A valid ID for city office application
– A scan or clear photo of your vehicle documentation and registration certificate
– If there is parking space available at your home but you are unable to make use of it, you need a declaration stating there are no parking places available to you, signed by the owner or manager of the building.
– If you have a lease car, copy of the agreement.
– If you have a company car, copy of agreement, a declaration from employer and salary slips of two months old.

How can you apply
You can apply online via DigiD or,
You can take an appointment at city office and apply there with all the documents.

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